Secure? Unlimited? Reliable? Yes, it's SonicVPN. SonicVPN merupakan penyedia VPN yang professional, mempunyai aplikasi android & windows tersendiri.

SonicVPN is incredibly compact with function, unlimited, fast and reliable.

Our Features

High-speed downloads

*Gigabit+ network in each location allows high transfer speed while connected.

Support Download Accelerator

uTorrent, Internet Download Manager, etc.

Internet Connection Sharing

Share our SonicVPN internet connection with your friend.


Download movies, songs, games, stream video from Youtube as much as you want

Allows access to sites that restrict countries

24/7 network monitoring ensures continued reliability and uptime

Customer Support

Customer support is our first priority.

and more...

SonicVPN offers you a solution to access to restricted resources from your geography Internet connection. A VPN connection provides your computer with virtual connection to the global network. your network traffic through the VPN connection is encrypted and undecipherable to anyone sniffing network traffic between your computer and the Institutes VPN Concentrator. The VPN connection brings you inside our network and the firewall, virtually, giving you nearly the same level of access to network devices as if you were sitting at a desk in the Elvey building, and much more!
  • OS Windows Vista/Win7/Win8
  • CPU Pentium 4 or higher
  • Video Card Any 3D-graphic accelerated card
  • Hard drive 10MB of free space or higher

We are excited to introduce you our service with low price

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What Client’s Say

  • I am able to access to blocked website like Facebook, Youtube and much more even using my office WiFi. Thanks SonicVPN!

  • My internet connection are slow, and now is more reliable using SonicVPN.