SonicVPN for client ( Latest )

SonicVPN V12

  • New Looks SonicVPN V11
  • Allow you to open custom port


Now you can open any port from our server! Everyone can open any port, any port for everyone :)

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New Features, Bugs Fixs and Improvement.

  • You can open custom port entering Port number ( range from 30 to 65535 ) on every server on the list, up to 200 port to be open on every server. By opening custom port, you can check any open port from your internet, allow you to connect through it to bypass any blocked website / restriction and play any online games that has been blocked from your internet provider.
  • New server, with Singapore Gaming server.
  • Added TCP Protocol, allow you to bypass any internet provider. If you could connect to internet and only port 80 is opened, TCP protocol is useful for you to bypass any restriction. Open port 80 for TCP protocol to any server from the list and simply connect to it.
  • Now the server doesn't change after your switch to any port.